Some random facts

I created my first website from scratch when I was 13 with Microsoft Frontpage, and it’s still online (but I won’t give you the link, is too embarassing).

In 2006, I was finalist at the national “Kangourou games of English”, a competion for students. In the same year, I did a 1-month internship at the public library of Albenga (SV) .

I was 6th among more than 3000 people at the admittance tests for the Polytechnic University of Turin. Funnily enough, I was excluded from the first list of admitted students at IUAV and had to wait for a second call for vacancies.

Less than a month after I graduated in 2010, I started to work for two months in a mall as mobile phones seller and customer assistant for H3G.

I have been an educator in a summer camp for kids aged 6-14 for 3 years,  from 2010 to 2012.

I received more than 100 emails from people who wanted to purchase the Ring Lamp, and it got published on more than 500 websites.

I’m fond of videogames, especially RPGs, FPSs and strategy games.

Learn more about me from the interview I gave to UNI Magazine.